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BonBon-Land Package

Enjoy two fun days at BonBon-Land with the family and sleep well at Hostel Næstved.
One night’s accommodation in an economy room for 5 persons with private bathroom and balcony, plus two days at BonBon-Land from dkk 300 per person. Ask about rooms for 2, 3 or 4 guests. This offer can only be ordered online at
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When you are staying at Hostel Næstved, you will receive a free FUN PASS discount booklet for 14 exciting attractions in South Zealand, Lolland, Falster and Møn. So stay out for a couple of days - it's all close - and much more fun than you thought.


Two exciting cultural treasures when you stay at Hostel Næstved.
When you visit Hostel Næstved, you stay at Elisabeth Sisters' former convent. We invite our guests to the former church with the impressive glass mosaics and in the old convent garden you will find a small fine madonna.
At Gavnø Castle - 5 km from the hostel, you can visit the old convent church for the 14th century. You can experience an impressive collection of 1,000 paintings, the adventurous flower park and much more. See
Buy your entrance ticket at the hostel's reception and save 20% when you visit Gavnø Castle.

From catolic convent to hostel

The former convent and retirement home was built by the Sisters of St. Elizabeth in 1975 for the sisters working in the neighbouring St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. The sisters moved in in 1976.

The convent was designed by architect Peter Karstensen with the utmost attention to the
St. Elizabeth Sister’s request for aesthetic and quality. Thus, the convent is characterized by the highest quality design and material, such as the former church room with the impressive marble floor. Look at the most beautiful mosaic windows with pictures describing Via Dolorosa, the path that Jesus walked carrying his cross, made by Tony Meyersahm. Another relic from the convent is the little statue of Madonna in the old convent garden.

As the number of sisters became fewer, a part of the house was rented to the St. Birgitta Sisters, who moved to Maribo in 2003. In 2004 the remaining Sisters moved to Germany.

On 1. December 2004 Elsa Terp, former tourism director and local hostess, bought the convent and transformed it into a hostel.
Elsa Terp has converted the unique building into today’s hostel with respect to the special atmosphere and the genuine building. Today, Hostel Næstved is unique among the most modern hostels in Scandinavia.